Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we have been asked most often. Do you have other questions? Ask us at @ShoeFisherGames on Twitter!

What kind of game is WanderOut?

Playing WanderOut draws you into the game. It’s a puzzle game. It feels just right when you play it.

You roll a ball through a maze, and in doing so you affect the maze.

From our experience, playing WanderOut has a hypnotic effect. When playing it you’re in the zone.

So, what is needed to get into that flow?

  1. A clear set of goals. Get to the finish of the maze.
  2. Clear and immediate feedback. You touch, you move!
  3. Balance between you skill and your challenge. Levels start easy. As you come further, you will have learned more. So we can give you more challenging puzzles.

When can I expect it?

It is work in progress. In summer 2017 you can play WanderOut on your phone or tablet.

You will be able to play it for free. You’ll be able to get custom maps and skins for an additional fee.

Can I play it on the go?

Don’t worry, the game is also meant to be played on the go. But you might miss your bus stop if you do ;-).

Will you have time limits for levels?

Well, should we? To be honest we’ve had two types of answers on that so far

Our current focus is mainly on the puzzle part of the game.

We are open for things like time trial. We are gamers ourselves. So we will add time related achievements.

Can I beta test the game?

Yes, we will totally have a beta test for our game. Our first beta testers will be selected amongst

If you’re interested, let us know. We will be exited to show you our game, once we are convinced we have something worth showing!